[Wiki] Safety Gear

What about Ruroc helmets??

Also for gloves theres these

I think g-form pads should be included too. I have the soft foam version but I’m pretty sure they recently came out with some hard shell versions

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what do open finger gloves bring? If I fall like a noob (like I did), my fingers will meet the street

That’s why I didn’t include them, but yes, they got a new slide version

And for Ruroc Helmets, the mouth piece isn’t certified and I heard it can get of when you slide over the ground wich would make it useless - and for that price…

How is it? I imagine it will prevent scratches, but it wont safe you from more -> protection level noob

thanks so much for all the input!

For gloves, I didn’t really now which ones are suited -> can you take the slide pads off from the sector 9?

Knee: whats bad about the leatt knee shin guard? - i see that the dual axis is shit, will remove it

Elbow TSG Pro, hmm… looks good for beginners, but would like it to go further up and down the arm

OMG, I was searching for this picture!!! Thanks mate!!!

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yes you can take the slide pucks off every skate glove, as they wear down and need replaced. I listed my favorite (the lightning) for street, Because unlike all the others that are full leather or kevlar finger tips, the finger tips on Lightning are Neoprene and wear better when sliding, these gloves should last years.

the leatte knee shin is really great for terrain boarding, id leave the street abrasion to TSG DHP

further up and down the arm for elbows is fine, most forearm protectors slide as they dont have a good lock on the elbow - best bet is to just rock a leatte5.5. Just personal experience, Ill take road rash on the forearm over a broken wenis.


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Aren’t the Secotr 9 Thunder produced anymore -> product isn’t on their site These mechanix?

yes that’s true, but I guess not everyone wants to invest in such a vest

The thunders may be discontinued in favor of the better lightnings

and yes those Mechanix :slight_smile:

i wouldnt buy open finger gloves, speaking from experience i almost destroyed my pinky finger. damage was exactly on the joint where theres it is exposed on those type of gloves. im looking at those 2 and trying to decide i dont like bulky gloves. https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/fly-coolpro-ii-gloves https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/z1r-270-gloves?utm_source=CJ&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=8305317&PublisherName=Boutique+Linus+Inc&cjevent=8bee2b7bbaa611e8815205fe0a18050b

@Deckoz you’re the man. Peoples listen to his wisdom

The stock comes with CE level 1 pads, back, shoulder, elbow. I upgraded mine to CE level 2 D3O pads for extra protection. If it works, I don’t know :man_shrugging: never took a fall

thought it’s just reinforced cloth, but still… don’t belive this can work that good

But others have already fallen and they didn’t get hurt

…one question @Deckoz …you been in Ninja Warrior before? :sunglasses:

wait a sec These aren’t sold yet?

In few days should be available online

what’s better: a vest like the leatt body protector 5.5 or a leather jacket/suite? I see many pics of (e)skaters showing or wearing their leather suits, but didn’t read about them in any safety discussion yet I guess a leather jacket with inbuilt pads comes close or is better - depends on what you compare with - than a protector vest

Any knowledge or experiences?

I wanna put a good word in here for:

Hand / Full Gloves:

Upperbody / Vest

  • Leatt Body Protector 3DF Airfit Low-profile, under-the-hoodie option for those who don’t want to look like Robocop. High CE-l2 protection on back and chest, CE-l1 on elbows and shoulders. Saved me more times than I like to remember.


Hand / Openfinger-Gloves

…and I want to warn against the Flatland3D E-Skate Glove. They’re just super-flaky. The ‘pucks’ or the armour or whatever they’re meant to be, is in the wrong place and the material isn’t abrasion resistant so they fall apart pretty quickly. This is what they looked like after one or two light scuffs:

If they were a quarter of the price, maybe, but for that sort of money, go for the Loaded’s.