Will a Metal Enclosure Work? Does more cells mean more or less heat?

I made a metal enclosure for my board to protect the components from water and debris. The two things I am concerned about are heat and signal. I already tested my remote and it still works fine with the enclosure on. I think this is because the receiver is not completely surrounded by metal because the signal can travel through the wooden deck into the enclosure. My main concern is heat. I plan to upgrade to 12S soon running through Torqueboard’s 12S ESC. My batteries don’t ever heat up but my ESC’s heat sink gets mildly warm/hot using my 6S battery. will 12S inside an enclosure with no airflow cause serious problems? If I remember correctly amps are too blame for heat, so more voltage may run cooler?

I’m running 2 X 5s nanotechs for 10s inside a @psychotiller enclosure with two @torqueboards 12s esc’s on a dual 6355’s. No holes cut in the enclosures. I did 28kms this morning with a 5 minute battery change. Nothing gets overly hot. Just fairly warm if that means anything. It’s around 78°-80° here. I have many higher powered rc’s. In my experience more volts equals less amps and less heat. Provided everything is put together and maintained properly and there no binding anywhere.

I can’t speak for the signal and metal enclosure. We always do range test before letting things rip.

It will be fine… If you are worried, attached the heat sink of the ESCto the enclosure, then the ESC will stay super cool.

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@brando with a metal enclosure watch out for accidental shorts in your electrical system, and know that metal boxes are louder and heavier than other types.

Thanks for the tips everyone! I make sure nothing gets shorted and may attach the esc to the box.