Will a metroboard abec wheel pulley fit and work with any abec wheel? Evlove 107mm?

It looks as though it would work regardless but it states that its only compatable with their motors… can this be true?

Link https://metro-board.com/shop/pulley-insert-for-abec-11-flywheels/

Some users use metro board pulleys :slight_smile: I dont see any reason why it shouldnt…It is just so wiiiiide :o 18 mm? Thats a lot…

doesnt mean i cant shave it down! haha


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It’s actually 20mm wide, find a 20mm motor pulley and belts to go with it and you won’t have and belts skipping.

Yes they will. I have some – any questions, just ask. You will need a spacer and a longer axle like that on the TB 218 truck hangers.

Ive got a pair of Caliber II Fifty Caliber 10" trucks, is the spacer still needed? Its going to be single drive for now, single 6355 190kv (LHB)

edit how does this pulley even attach to the wheel I cant see in the website picture… screws?

It doesn’t attach to the wheel at all.

The Caliber II axle is too short but it might be able to be made to work. If you’re serious I can measure and find out for you.

Honestly, with @dickyho’s pulleys available, I wouldn’t even use a metroboard pulley. But they will need a long axle too unless you want the pulley to go around the hanger, which they can do on Caliber II if you trim the hanger slightly

i should have known it would be more complicated than just putting it on… x.x

Can i just agressively sand the outside? Im too worried to cut my hangers… im a crap carpenter haha. Could you link a pulley that he provides that fit well with the wheels? Also I guess i should just get a new motor pulley :laughing:

guess the board is out another week smh

edit i meant sand a little so i can put @dickyho s pullys on my stuff

If you don’t have the trucks yet, get @torqueboards 218mm trucks instead. The nice long axle is super-versatile.

If you already have the trucks, use @dickyho pulleys

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ive got the trucks… haha.

thanks for the link!

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See the light modification needed?

If you use Caliber II instead of TB218, the part you need to file will be twice as long, essentially where the bearings are as well, and without the axle modification procedure in the video

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thank you very much :slight_smile:

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Would a pulley that @Kaly sold me work with this? Its a 16t 15mm pulley, and I bought the 17mm version of the wheel pulley… 16t to 36t (sounds good?) also, Will it skip? should i sand the wheel pulley down 2mm?

Photos help a lot. Sounds like it might. As far as gear ratios, 16 / 36 is a bit high, what size wheel?

Don’t sand wheel pulley.

There are esk8 calculators. You want to aim for a top speed around 28mph and adjust your gearing and motor kv appropriately. Cannot exceed 60,000erpm

I understand the speed and rpm bit, 10s5p with 190kv lhb motor, 107mm evolve abecs and caliber 2 fifty trucks :slight_smile:

Ill edit with pictures, give me a second

Yeah 16 / 36 is a bit top-end heavy with not enough torque. Maybe 15 / 36 or 16 / 40 would be a tad better. But it will work at 16 / 36. Your brakes will be a little weaker.

i just messaged dicky and asked to change it up, thank you for replying so fast.

this is the motor pully :slight_smile:

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What do you reccomend doing for the varying sizes? I figure the lips on the motor pully and a tensioner system will keep it in check… no? @b264

If they are properly aligned you won’t have issues with belts slipping off.