Will a TSG Pass helmet be good after a crash to the chin?

My buddy crashed recently at slow speeds, but he busted his chin open from the helmet hitting it. He said he’s dropped it a couple times too, but no serious crashes. He bought a new one, and is offering me the old one.

Is that something work taking?

Considering my current helmet is super heavy, and has already been through two 25+mph crashes, I’d say it’s worth it. I don’t have the money to replace the helmet right now, so it seems worth it to me.

Due to the nature of the crashes, I don’t think the foam in the Pass would be damaged at all. What do you think?

Ok, there are a few things here:

  1. Just by wearing a helmet for any length of time it begins to form to your head-shape, so if you buy someones old helmet it will never fit you as well as if it was new. Maybe if your head is slightly bigger you could argue…
  2. You say it has been dropped a few times, enough to remove paint?
  3. Impact to the chin? was it a fibreglass or carbon model?
  4. Ultimately a x-ray is the only way to know for sure, I wouldn’t personally buy a used lid.

As far as I know, he’s giving it to me. Would it be with it then, to use as a temporary helmet until I can afford a new one? I would consider a $250 helmet that’s been through a slow crash to be much safer than a$60 helmet after two major crashes

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Forget how much the helmet costs. A expensive full face helmet is generally no safer than a cheaper one. more :moneybag: only buys you more features.

If the helmet is still good comes down to your answers above. The cheaper glass pass fairs better with multiple impacts than the carbon pass pro…

Any helmet better than no helmet. Every time you drop a helmet you compress the foam. Typically helmets are a one and done thing. But if you’re going to wear no helmet instead of this one that’s probably a good idea.


yeah, the people telling you not to get this aren’t hearing that you can’t afford a new one atm. The pass is definitely better than nothing and probably better than the helmet you have right now. That being said, sector 9 has a sale right now and you can get a certified helmet for about $20, which is probably better than either in terms of safety

Is that a full face though? At the speeds I like to go, I’d honestly prefer a full face.

It is fairly new, he hasn’t been wearing it very long.

Not as far as I could tell


At this point, comparing the damages to the two helmets, I would take the pass. Plus the other helmet really screwed up my neck from the weight…

no, it’s not full face, but it will protect you. They have full faces for 50% off too though

I can’t even see out of my visor in my old helmet anymore because of scrapes from my last crash :joy: that’s why I prefer full face. Had it not been full face, I would have streeted my face at 32mph… Thanks for the info! I will certainly look into that.

I thought the Pass doesn’t have EPS foam in the chinbar anyway, right?

If the shell is not weakened, and the EPS foam isn’t crushed at all (check all over the helmet), and it isn’t too old, my amateur understanding is that it should still be good.

Having said that, I’ve never heard anyone complain about the cost of replacing a helmet. If it saves your head, it saves your head.

This all got heated but detailed recently here

I think there’s enough drama and useful information there to make a decision