Will different version VESCs work together?

I have a dual motor setup each controlled by a different VESC. One of them can’t connect to my computer and it seems like I’m going to have to buy a new one. But the ones being sold on the enertion website are different than the ones I currently have. Will they still work if they’re connected via canbus? The version I have now is a 4.12.

If you’re talking about how the Caps look different they will still work together without an issue I would assume mate. They are still version 4.12 VESCs just a different CAP setup

If it turns on and functions properly, but just doesn’t connect to your computer via USB, then it probably doesn’t have the bootloader on it (which you can load, you just need a programmer). To get the CAN bus functioning properly in a dual setup, the only way I know is to configure the firmware, which you’d need to connect to your computer to do in BLDC tool.