Will Enertion trucks fit larger motor pulley systems?

I got my Enertion trucks, but just recently decided to use my Boosted drive wheels, which use 15mm belts and a HTD 3M pulley, just wanted to make sure everything would fit nicely.


They should fit fine as boosted uses caliber trucks and enertion trucks are just clones of the caliber. Should fit fine :slight_smile:

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Sweet! Thanks for the advice.

So I decided I’m going to use my Boosted drive wheels that I bought brand new, before I sold my Boosted Board. I was told I need to get a HTD 3M pulley and 15mm belt. I saw on eBay some HTD3M belts, I cluelessly checked out (luckily it wasn’t an expensive item) but I saw it had 270 on the belt, and I thought, it might just be the normal size. But right after I saw a whole bunch of other belts of different sizes, 180,150, 200 etc. All sorts of different sizes. I just wanna know if I bought the wrong size, if anyone knows.


First you should have posted this in your old thread!

Second the belt length depends on your pulley setup and the distance between them. There are a lot of tools witch help you with that. I haven’t tried this one but it should work! http://pyramidbelts.com/calc_beltlength.php

Firstly, sorry for making a new post, will work on not making so many haha. Anyways, I’m having trouble understanding what to put in? Center distance from belt, how would I know that if I don’t have the belt? Or is it asking me for something different? I’m sorry if this is a stupid question. Also, desired stretch? What does that mean, and would I want more or less, what would be optimal?

Edit: Just saw this was moved into this thread, thanks to whoever did that for me :slight_smile:

No problem. Center distance is usually from wheel pulley to motor pulley. I think…

I’m not the spoon feed guy, but I like to get people on the right way. The distance from pulley to pulley is given from your motor mount.

This tool is much better! You have to choose HTD 3 and count the tooth of the Boosted wheel. http://www.bbman.com/belt-length-calculator/

You need the motor pulley as well? Since you go the boosted drive pulley it’s easier to go with there motor pulley.

Hm, good idea, however getting the belts directly from Boosted is a bit of a rip off, just because it has fancy packaging etc. A quick search around Reddit gave me the exact belts they use.

Here is the one they use, however they may or may not ship to Australia. I’m thinking 219 is a common number in sizes, so I looked it up, and saw a Chinese alternative that ships to my country

I will keep looking for other sites that can 100% ship to my country.

I was talking about the pulley! Do you have your motor pulley and a motor mount? It doesn’t matter what is common… The belt is the last part of the chain which you purchase after the parts mentioned above.

Sorry for the confusion, I thought you were talking about the belt since you mentioned that I should go with their product, and the only product related was their belts. Anyways, no I don’t have my motor mount and pulley yet. I just ordered Enertions motor mount, and I got help from @cdn about which pulley to get, just need a bit more confirmation on some things.