Will evolve AT wheels fit torqueboards 218mm trucks

having issues finding AT wheels/truck combo to use on my long board build. i dont want to use the evolve trucks. i wish i could use the trampa 6.5in superstars theyre so sexy but they are too wide and bearing size is slightly too big. would these trucks work or is there any truck that will accommodate the evolve AT wheels with minimal modifications?

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I may be confused, but you should be able to fit Evolve AT wheels straight on the TB 218 trucks, they are both 8mm shafts. You will have an issue with the wheel pulleys that come with the Evolve AT wheels as they have a 10mm bearing slor that rests on a 10mm shoulder on the truck.


It’s youre deck. You’re probably getting wheelbite. The evolve wheels fit all regular skateboard hubs. Get a different deck or sand down those areas but you then might hit you’re feet.

Can you mod past the issue or is it best to find different pullies… I won’t have these wheels till later this week but I assume I will face the same thing

You can just use 2 skate bearings instead.


Use 8mm to 10mm spacer for evolve pullies also you can use trampa wheels with the board bumpers adaptor.

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As was said before the pulley has a special bearing with 10 mm inside diameter which you may can change against a regular bearing depending on the width and outside diameter. But, won’t you run into the same problem as with regular Caliber II trucks that you have to remove about 7-8 mm of the hanger material in order to accommodate the extra bearing?

Just checked my model and it seems like that the bearing has a width of 6 mm, 10 mm bore and an outside diameter of 22 mm.

You don’t have to remove material with the TB 218 trucks they have extended axles. Sounds like you can just pop in a regular skate bearing.and it will work though


Evolve wheels by themselves will fit. But you’ll need to lathe/cut/sand down the truck hanger about 10mm or so to accommodate the bearing on the Evolve pulley.

So these aren’t a direct fit but they can fit if you make it work. @longhairedboy has a video on how you can remove it.

We’ll have some pneumatic options in the near future also. Working on a few things so we’re a bit behind on that.


so if the measurements for the evolve rear bearing is 6x22x10 would there be issues using a skateboard bearing being as they are 2mm thicker?. if this is the case i can use a regular bearing this will be amazing to hear. if 2mm of clearance more is needed in order to properly tighten the axle nut then i dont mind cutting a bit of hanger material off. Thanks for all the replys this has been a real pain for me the past 2 days

Evolve uses a regular skateboard bearing on their pulley.

You just need to sit the bearing on an 8mm axle and then you can thread the wheel onto it.

This image is how it looks on a 218mm Truck.


thanks abunch this has helped alot thank you,

do you guys know how many spacers one must use? i have the truck and wheel in front of me not sure.

Ha, I was right @Battosaii

lol, suck it @Battosaii. How does is feel? :joy:

On my TB 218s with 6 shooters I only use 1 spacer next to the hanger. I could use 4 speed rings to set the wheel as far it as possible but only use 1. Nit sure if that correlates to the eveolve wheels.


i c the problem now with the hanger :expressionless:. looks like i will be cutting. i put on regular berings, still needs more space for TB218’s. with a single bearing it will sit on there ok, but cant say thats safe at all :rofl:

What trucks Re those?

if anyone can confirm the belt size using the evolve wheel and AT pulley 65T on tb218 lemme know. these pulleys are quite large i measured something like 410mm for belt not using tensioners on marc mounts. i already startred shaving the hanger

i was told that these are the correct size, im not 100% as i havent received them and wheels yet. i will also be using macs mounts with the idler pulleys