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Will Hub Motors be the standard for electric skateboards in the future?

Is the hub motor hype? more & more people are talking about hub motors, some people are also building them. The question everyone wants to know is will they become standard on electric skateboards in the future.

-Less maintenance
-Easier to push because of less resistance, in case of dead battery or other problem while riding

Am thinking they are the way of the future, but maybe I am bias

Tried to post my build on here of my hubmotors but says because I am a new user I can’t post pics?

I’d like to see 6" hub motors for pneumatic wheels.
Just tossing that out there for those that are more into tinkering than me.

wouldn’t be hard to do. couple of these and off you go.

the one downside I’ve experienced is less torque at slow speeds.

I can get up just about any hill as long as I have a bit of flat to get up to 6mph before the hill. The more speed the better. People like to do the test where you stand on the board and try to get it to go from a dead stop. I hate that test. I can do it with hub motors but it’s rough on the motors and there will be cogging to start. If you really don’t like pushing a skateboard to 3mph I’d keep to traditional satellite pulley system otherwise hub motors rule for me.

The benefit of being able to do a drop deck where otherwise you’d have to have the motor and pulleys exposed off the back or front is a big plus.

I agree; even with pulley setups I like to give a push off because it just feels natural…

To me (since I was skateboarding long before making an eboard) it feels weird to step on a stopped board and then have it start moving on its own: haha I know that’s what eboards are supposed to do, but I prefer to start with one or two pushes, and then let the motor do the rest.

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when the light turns green I push off a lot just to watch them wonder some more, I can see it on their face: “Is that electric, no, o maybe, o no he’s pushing it”. And then I blast off

I’m a big hit with the 6-14 year old demographic.

I did get “you people all suck!!” from a scraggly homeless kid carrying two skateboards yesterday! But this is San Francisco, the place the crazies come for vacationing, and it didnt bother me. I do feel a need to befriend the regular (non-crazy) manual board folks though. They’re all young and almost always are more excited at seeing my board than not

Would like to build a hubmotor skatepark board. And the 6 motor steet luge.

I’m excited!
We got enough orders and they should clear by the end of the holiday and then off to China. Was talking to China…they have more long vacations there than here by a long shot. February 3rd to the 14th I think is another holiday. They’re awesome people though and love the motors and my hill video and said they’ll try to get them to us as quickly as possible.

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can’t wait!

I’ll finally be able to build a drop deck without having rear facing motors

i get a few laughs from some love deprived youngsters . mind you i’m 47 this year .
and i know for certainty that i am able to

1)slowdown and brake on a downhill
2)require no kick or pedal to move
and lastly
3)FULL THROTTLE going UPHILL ! :sunglasses:
yeaah !

talking about hub motors .

has anyone built a sensored hub motors ?

has anyone built a sensored hub motors lately ?
maybe there is and i just might have missed it .
kindly post web page please . thank you .

where can i get these tyres ? wheeels ? what ever it looked like . is it tubeless ? i hate going to petrol pump station to pump air into it .

Foam Fill. Just need to determine foam density. Foam business can probably help you with this if you tell them the PSI you usually ride with. This is kind of important as this is a one time deal. I have had wheelbarrow and skid steer tires filled and they work off of factory recommendations but for board wheels they probably never did those so the more info you provide the better.