Will I have to pay import/duty tax for vesc from USA to the UK?

Any UK vesc owners from have to pay import duty/tax. Its $99.99 +$40 shipping which is about £109 diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/vesc-the-best-electric-skateboard-esc/

If diy send it as it should then yes. You have to pay taxes.

Do you know how much? @Tuomalar

ask @torqueboards he probably already deal with a few European customer… Maybe he could answer you :wink:

Import charges are pretty similar all around EU. Take goods and shipping cost as a base amount. Add Duty/Customs tax, which is usually around 10% but it is actually 0% for most electronics. Then add the your country VAT rate on top of that. Then there is a small customs fee, usually flat rate expense of around 2-10€.

So for your VESC it would most likely be something like this: £109 + 0% + 20% = £130.8 + (£10) = around £140 total or £30 added value.

In some cases, depending on how stars are aligned it could happen for a smaller package to reach your doorstep without any additional cost but it’s mostly luck and it is better to always account for import taxes then not. At least then you’re very happy when you don’t have to pay as opposed to sad when you do :slight_smile:

Yep. It’s depending how lucky you are. He can mark it as lower value like 30e and you don’t have to pay that much. 25e is the limit when you dont have to pay taxes. And some small packages they just let go through. For me 109£ vesc do cost 155£…

I bought motors, switches and some other stuff from Dexter and didn’t pay any taxes this time. But I’ve ordered alot of things from the states in the past and payed taxes maybe 80% of the time.

Buuuut I live in Sweden so maybe it’s different in the UK. Cross your fingers and hope that the package will slip through. :blush:

Just ask the vendor to declare smaller price of the parcel…if it is not something big and it is just VESC, it might get to you and you wont have to pay any taxes…from what I know it is good to send the parcel via DHL, which has lazy worker’s and they wont investigate your parcel unless it is too big…

However if they think you are trying to cheat them, they will open the parcel (all the parcels goes through x-ray), send you the photos and ask you if you can prove the price of the parcel…then you will have to admit it is actually more expensive and pay the taxes (without any fee or anything like that) or you can insist on the declared price and send them a photoshoped printscreen of the webpage or modified contract or something like that…

THats how it works in my country (CZ)

As an alternative, esk8.de is Germany based shop that has, as much as I asked here, quality VESCs.

Do you own a vesc from esk8.de? @karosass1

you can get some at http://www.unikboards.com - shipping from Paris, the city of love !

No, sorry, as I mentioned those VESCs are good as much as i read the opinions here on forum. I’m planning on getting it in a few weeks probably tho.