Will the heat from my battery pack melt electrical tape?

I know electrical tape is usually good to around 500F, I could buy better heat resistant tape but don’t want to unless I have to.

All the red circles I have are electrical tape covering up wires that I soldered together.

Just want to make sure the heat won’t melt and cause a short/fire.


I dont know BUT for 10 bucks or less you could get a shrink tube kit off Amazon thatll make your ish look more pro and put yur mind at ease.

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That pack looks legit AF. Just sayin…

The answer to look up is the max temperature a li-ion cell can handle before thermal runaway. 500F is 260 Celsius. You’ll lose your pack before saving the electrical tape.

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Copy that. Thanks.


I have kapton tape. Guess I’ll be adding that

I’d say the adhesive is more of an issue. The tape might hold a high temperature, but the tape starts to unwrap easily/easier if the adhesive heats up.