Will the Jet Spud 29" withstand this weight?

Hi guys,

I am planning to put those pieces together:

1x Jet Spud 29" 1x Dual HUB Motor 90*52mm 1000W75KV Power Truck & Front Truck Kit 1x BMS HCX-D223V1 2x VESC6 10s4p Samsung Q30 1x Simple 3D-printed NRF remote

Do you think 40 of the 18650 batteries are a good decision or is it too heavy? I really don’t want the board to break

My weight is 90 kg (198 lbs). Please let me know your opinion about this config.

the weight of your batteries won’t break the board

No problem at all…is not 1kg more from battery that will brake your board. I am doing a similar build with jet spud and hub motors. I also have the BMS nex to the battery (10s3p) and I already use all the space available…I think yuo should move it on top of the battery to make it fit. Yes, you will need a bit higher enclosure but it’s feasable.

just to understand…a little spoiler