Will the XT90 key in this schematic work as a on/off to my system?

what? no the batteries are in series!

not at those spots those are parallel connections between the 6s Batteries. Look closely at the image and where I’ve circled

the batteries are connected in series - that is the whole point of this setup.

aaaaaaaand the light has shined down and blessed @Challlsss With a lesson in READING SKILLS. My stupid head has been looking at the 6S charger squares in the diagram and interpreting it as another 6s battery. IE I’ve been thinking about this as a 12S2P system this whole time. My bad man, I can now understand why you thought I had a serious lack of understanding haha.

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I will update my posts to remove incorrect info

But if two seperate Chargers were used I don’t think he would even need to remove the key and could leave it connected while charging. It would all still be in series but the chargers are only dealing with 6s still. No?

but then the VESC would have power running through it and the motor too so if you bumped your controller your board would fly across the room

Yea if u use the transmitter. But assuming u don’t do that I’d think charging would be fine. Stylez?