Will these parts work for my first build for electric longboard?

Hey everyone.

So got really interested in electric skateboards and so i am thinking to build one on my own. Im 16 years old from europe and this will be my first electronic project so i do have a lot of questions. The place where i live doesn’t really have any big hills, but some roards are pretty bad. I don’t really need a lot of speed (15mph is enough)

These are the parts that i’ve gathered. Do you think that these would work?

Longboard: (Haven’t really decided yet.)





Two batteries: 2x https://hobbyking.com/en_us/zippy-flightmax-5000mah-3s1p-20c.html



Motor mount: I can make it myself

So I have a few more questions.

  1. Is there any cheaper alternative for the charger? I could charge the batteries one by one (not both at the same time)

2, What other parts am i missing? (i know i need some pulleys and a belt.)

3, How will i connect the batteries and how will i connect all other electronics?

I’ll be waiting for your reply. Thank you.

I would not get a 5065 motor, they are really small and low on torque for a single motor build. I’d get a 6355 or 6374.

Yeah, Just stick with a 6355 if a 6374 is to much. I also would spend the extra $5 on a g2b as it is much more reliable then the quantum remote I put purchased a while back. Plus you can always 3d print a case or buy one for them :slight_smile:

Here is a really good remote that is compact and only $30. It runs on 2 AA batteries. AA lithiums last for months in this remote. It has failsafe feature so you can turn the remote off and your board will just stay in neutral. Same if you loose signal which almost never happens. https://electric-skateboard.market/product/2-4ghz-mini-remote-receiver/

Be advised that not all hobby Esc’s will work for E-skate. They are designed for RC cars, planes and boats. The best option is a Vesc which is specifically designed for E-skate There are some hobby Esc’s that will work some what. The ones that are known to work are listed here:

Hey, thanks for replying. Since i don’t have that much money for vesc ill get a FVT 120A Esc from the list you gave me. Thanks for the idea.

The FVT ESC will work fine. Just remember to buy the programing card too! It is also worth noting, that some of these ESCs is just bad from the get go. I have received 3 units that just did not work out of the box… Just be aware of that. You can get a refund or replacement, if you can document the defect… I would also go for a bigger motor, for sure. With a 6355 (ex 230kv) you will still get some “cogging” at start up though… I would therefore recommend starting with a push - then there will be no problem at all.

I cant really afford a bigger motor. Would this one be really that bad? Im pretty lightweight about 65kg and i dont mind doing few pushes to ride the board.

The 5065 motor will definitely work - especially if you are light. A bigger motor will just work a lot better. I have actually not tried the 5065 motor myself, but only read the reviews from others…

For your first build I imagine that you will be satisfied with the motor you’ve chosen. But, after a while you may want to make an upgrade…

I personally got FVT 120 from banggood:

You can also get program card or usb link there, too!

Just consider that depending on country… you might get some sort of tax for this… if you order from ebay or aliexpress, the sellers there might lower the price… so this is a bit of a drawback if you order from offical web store.

They also got quite cheap motors… but their problem is that there are not a lot reviews for them, even though they look very similar to other more known motors…

So yes, consider these options (especially the motor) but just know that there’s not that much info about them unfortunately… + consider that you might get a tax for ordering from china…