Will this 10S4P BMS setup work ok?

Or do I need to connect the BMS balancing cables to all four packs?


BMS balancing cables need to be connected to all cells. How do you know if cells 2-7 on sub packs 2-4 are not out of balance otherwise

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How would the connection to the BMS need to be set them?, the wires from each balancer would have to be splitted to eack pack?


I know you don’t beleive in BMSs, would you suggest to just completely remove the BMS from the pack?

i never said that i dont believe in BMS!! i would advise always to use one! the only thing i believe in is, that if you know exactly what batteries dislike and if you use quality liion cells in intervals that leave enough headroom, then you can probably get away without one! :wink:

for this 4x 10S setup, you can still connect 4crlls parallel at each of the 1S bms connections - its no different from the regular 10S4P setups. its a lot of awkward extra connections for your pack though! :stuck_out_tongue:

The reason of these connections is that I’d like to build a modular battery pack where you could choose whether to use 10S1P, 10S2P, 10S3P or 10S4P, on the other hand you could get 4 batteries under 100 watt/hr to travel safe, but keeping the simplicity of connection.

ah, cool!

then maybe add a jst 11pin balancer pin plug to each module and balance with a smart bms manually every few weeks/months!

i got one of those smart bms, you just plug them in over night and next morning everything is balanced if you set them to “always balance”. (most just balance while charging i think)

its german though: http://www.groetech.de/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=26&products_id=265

make a parallel harness, with 4 females and 1 male. that way you can connect as many as you want. and still have the modularity