Will this 8" All terrain wheels fit on a torqueboard trucks?

Planning on buying this AT wheels http://www.diyeboard.com/8-20050mm-allterrain-offroad-pneumatic-tire-inflation-wheel-p-574.html but im not sure if it will fit with the 218mm tb trucks products/torqueboards-218mm-trucks. Anyone whos used this wheels pls help

Those wheels use 10mm shaft. TB 218mm uses standard skate size, 8mm. From what I have searched no other E-MTB uses 10mm shaft. But, if you find appropriate bearings you might be able to use other shaft diameters.

Trampa Street/Urban Carver mini ATB spring trucks have 10mm shaft and for the bigger version ATB spring trucks are 12mm

Trampa sell bearing adapters kits to be able to use pnummies on skate trucks

I thought 9.525mm =/= 10mm in axle diameter. It’s a 1/2mm difference, which I would think matters in bearing tolerance. I have not owned Trampa trucks, I only have 10mm trucks from DIYeboard. I don’t think Trampa’s 9.525mm bearings fit 10mm axle from DIYeboard…

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Hi Guys, can you tell is there any way to fit this wheels on MBS Matrix 2 trucks if I change the bearings on them with 12mm 30mm 8mm ones?

Kind regards Euformelo

Hi, i was wondering if you found a solution to this? Did you ever buy this setup because im actually doing the same. Im an impulse buyer :sweat_smile: and i bought the wheels without checking the axle size 1st. Im currently looking for some bearings to make them fit. I have 6354 motors and with a bit of sawing off about 7mm of the hanger, it should be no problem to get everything to fit…except the bearing. Any ideas???