Will this battery work

I was watching a video by skatemetric where they build an all terrain electric longboard and they use these batteries:

I want to use 1 of these batteries to power a 6s electric longboard. Will this battery have good enough output to power my board.

It will work but it’s not ideal. You should really consider a lithium ion pack, more investment but will work much better for you

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Can I ask what you mean by not ideal.

There are a few topics on lipo vs lion, check them out and let me know if you have questions

What esc are planning to use?

I also think you can make a better battery for just a bit more money with 18650 cells, go for the samsung 30Q (like a 10S4P)

If you can’t make it by yourself, buy at least 2 of these lipo’s and put them in series to make a 12S pack.

there only 12c so there amp output wont be much

Im planning to use this esc:

With two of these motors:

I did the calculations and this lipo should be able to output continuous 144 amps

From an engineering standpoint there’s not much to say against the pouch cells. They might have slightly worse lifetime, but they are probably much cheaper. You could consider taking 2 of the yellow turnigy 6200 in parallel, they usually have a higher C ratings. You need to protect those a bit better then 18650 or 21700 though.

Thanks Ill have a look at those batteries

unfortunately the C rating is not a norm, so the rule capacity * C-Rating is max amp output is not really right. the cheaper the lipos the more it will not fit. the multistart 12Ah lipos are rated for 12C as well but in real life measurements they came out to be only able to supply 3-4C.

If you look for a relatively cheap and good option I would look at the Heavy duty line from Hobbyking. they not bad and hold up pretty good with there 60C.

If you non the less want to go with the high capacity lipos the hobbyking graphene 8Ah and 12Ah are a very good choice as well.

The esc is only like 40A max. I think the 6S 12Ah lipo won’t be a problem to deliver that power.

Thanks for some actual information everyone else is just telling me to spend more money

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I should actually not buy the 6S version The 10S version would be much more efficiënt and for a AT build 10S would be much better, because it will require to pull more amps than a normal esk8.

I think you are better of with buying 2 of these batteries and putting them in series:

It will cost you the same and it will be healthier for the battery.

12C means 12 times it’s capacity. Since this lipo is 12Ah, total current will be 144A which is more than enough.

Tried to search for some info here on forum, two disadvanteges of lipos seem to be energy density and form factor. Are there any other reasons to go for a liion?

Like @Andy87 said the C-rating is not always correct. If you try to find a max ‘safe’ current for a lipo you can better devide the C-rating by 2.

I made a 6S2P battery with 20C 5Ah cells. So it should be able to handle 20C*10Ah=200A I tought first. My esc only pulled max 100A.

After riding 5min on fullspeed (40-45km/h), I have no idea how many amps I pulled but it must be for sure below 100A. Some of my batteries were swollen and pretty hot, so I rode back home and they cell voltages were very unbalanced (3,4V - 3,7V). So just to say this battery was even not strong enough, while I thought it would be absolutely no problem according to their C-rating.

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No issue with using lipo really. Would take Max C rating with a grain of salt though, the higher internal resistance of a battery and the larger the load or current draw the more voltage will dip until the load is reduced. That said in our case there is usually only a brief period of high amp draw during acceleration and relatively high charge current when using regen braking (assuming you aren’t a large rider or in a very hilly area). I’ve also read some things about the lithium ion 18650 package stopping the expansion when gas builds in the cell which can apparently help with cycle life, on the other hand much cheaper and generally easier to replace lipos.


I have been using these for a while and I found it to be pretty good. I hooked 4 of the 3s together to make a 12s pack. I also did a 9s pack on these too. It’s rated at 25c but I dont trust the c rating. I set my vesc to battery to 50amp only. $20 a pack is super cheap Screenshot_20190530_082636

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