Will this bms work?


I’m thinking about my next build and I don’t want to have to keep plugging my IMAX B6 charger into my batteries to charge so I’m looking at a bms. I know places like battery supports and bestech are great but would a cheap bms like this work?

I’m not sure about the over charge on it as it says 4.28 volts for the overcharge limit which seems a bit high. I am going to bypass it so it will only be for charging. If anyone thinks it won’t work please let me know because I would rather not ruin my lipos


Only 4S? Sounds a bit low…

Yeah I’m going to make a penny board build for riding to school so I don’t want much speed since it’s only small. I’m going to use a 270kv motor and 16/36 get ratio so about 22km/h

Wait so what’s the voltage and mAh does your battery have? If I’m reading this correctly, you’re using 4s battery… I don’t know if it’s enough to power your motor.

If you go up any hills you are going to generate a lot of heat at 4S, I would suggest a minimum of 6s. You could use a couple of 3s lipos in series and build or buy a MEB style charge port for balance charging and a x2 3s to 6s adaptor…

Ok thank you. I don’t need to go up any hills as the biggest hill in my town is probably my drive way lol. I’m going to use a 270kv 5060 proprdrive v2 if that helps. My build at the moment uses 6s and it goes about 30 -35kmh so I don’t really need that speed on a penny that’s why I want to use 4s and bescause it’s cheap

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So would this bms work for charging 4s lipos? because I could probably find one for 6s

It looks like it will work, but I’ve never used one and dont know anyone that has.

Ok I just don’t want it to over charge my batteries because it says it charges to 4.28v

Ahhh, I didnt see that. So, no I would not use that. Don’t overcharge.

Ok thank you I will get one from battery supports. Have you ever brought from bestech they don’t seem to have a buy button do I need to contact them?

Yeah, I have 3 BMS’s from BesTech, very high quality products. Email [email protected], she will get back with you during her AM.

Ok thanks man