Will this charger work with my BMS and batteries

I’m about to buy this charger: link and I want to be sure it will work with my batteries and my BMS before I buy it.

My batteries are 10s LiFePo4 (5 2s packs from HK): batteries This is the BMS I have:

I wasn’t sure if the BMS required a charger like this or just any 36 volt power supply. Any help would be great, Thanks!

It’ll work, but you’ll want to change the dc connector to something more suitable. The BMS doesn’t care what power source you’re using as long as it’s the right voltage and under the charging current limit.

Be sure to not discharge through this BMS has 8A continuous current is too low.

Awesome thanks, I plan on bypassing the BMS while discharging and I was probobaly going to solder on an antispark XT90 for the dc connector.