Will this combination work?

Hello, I need some help.

I recently ordered a motor and a ESC for a longboard build and now I started to wonder if the components will work togheter.

The motor: https://www.amazon.co.uk/SODIAL-Brushless-Outrunner-Motor-Electric/dp/B0774CT2VY/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1542133410&sr=8-3&keywords=electric+motor+320kv The esc: https://www.amazon.com/Hobbywing-SkyWalker-Controller-Brushless-Helicopter/dp/B01GKSYPK6/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1542118208&sr=8-5&keywords=esc+80a

I already have a RC controller and receiver. What do I need more? Is there only batteries left or something more, and what type of batteries can I use? I saw that some people uses antispark´s but are they a must have?

You will want a anti spark so that there isn’t a big spark every time you plug it in. Also I highly doubt that the esc you ordered will work, it will probably be too jerky to ride, try this if your want a cheap Vesc:

Alright thanks

But what typ of battries would you recommend?

For budget?

As cheap as possible

If small budget, I would recommend using 2x 5s lipos in series. These will give you about 10 miles of range. If you have a bigger budget, go with a liion 10s4p pack, you will get about 20 miles of range.

@EliH where are you from?

if you run 10s like what @Jake2k17 said, that motor is about 120kv too much. you want nothing above 204kv. that’s the absolute limit (edit: the esc is also not good)

Please do a little more research (Reading)

The esc you are thinking of buying is going to most likely hurt you. If you are dead set on getting an RC speed controller, at least find one for a car. Throttle and brake are key components to look for when building an esk8.


Then I’m screwed :sob::grimacing: my motors are 200kv (but the lab measures true 212kv)… I should trow them to the garbage. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I prefer my 220kv motors on my awd actually


Half the for forum will go bunkers with that statement. Lemming time for most motoring. :rofl: Two 200kv T-Max and two 245kv Tacon Bigfoots directly to the dumpsite. (Yeah, sure!)


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:joy: nah you’re right, you know what you’re doing. I just remember someone (i think @Namasaki) showing with some quick maths that 204kv is the limit or something

Screenshot_20181114-140123_Calculator (unless you have a vesc 6 :wink: )

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Doesn’t matter at all with an RC speed controller. Even the Focbox has like 110k erpm limit. Details…Right?


Buy a Meepo and don’t build an esk8


I second this. Building a diy board budget board is pointless now (unless you want the experience of building a diy esk8 because maybe for you building the board is just as fun as riding) if you just want a board that works that you can ride buy a meepo. Especially if you don’t know what your doing building a board because inevitably something will fry or break and now you have to pay for a replacement (this is especially tre if you’re using cheap parts).

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@psychotiller i have 0 idea lol. What i do have an idea about though is that that ESC will not be that great really (yeah i just asked @CarlCollins , its 100k, i thought it was 60k erpm lol my bad)

Still wont be great at 320kv unless its geared to buggery

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We dont really care if it Will be to agressive etc. to drive, we just need it to be in working condition. So my next question is, how high V and A do our battery need to have or can it be whatever?