Will this deck be troublesome when it comes to enclosures?

I can get this deck for a good deal and wonder it the W concave design will make pre-built enclosures (from eskating.eu for instance) to not fit properly?

Just depends on if the enclosure can bend a little and what it is made out of

I was thinking of a ABS enclosure. That’s what I was wondering, if it would be able to bend enough or if a costum designed enclosure is the only way to go at which point it seems easier to settle for a different board. Would be nice if this worked out though.

I made this one for the landyachtz 9two5 which I don’t think is too different? I’ve got 2 different moulds I use for enclosures of this type. If it’s not an exact match some differences can be taken up with rubber adhesive strip. (fibreglass enclosures)

Great long wide board u can fit a lot . I fit 12s4p

Do you have a 9two5 @Hummie?

Great! Do you happen to live in the EU? The actual build is still a few months out since winter is coming, but would be interested in the one you made.

Also yours look almost identical, probably only the slightly shorter deck that sets them apart.

I’ve got a switchblade. Looks similar.

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i have psycho’s 405 mounted to a 2014 landyachtz tomahawk freeride deck. the deck has some weird concave on both x and y axis, from looks of it my deck’s concave is more aggressive and weirder than the deck you linked to.

most likely a perfectly flat enclosure will not sit flush on the deck due to the concave. i had to use .5" / 10mm weather stripping along the edge of the enclosure to conform to the deck’s curves.

in essence, possible but with foam strips.

I’m UK based.

Should have figured :). What’s the dimensions?

Inside, 545mm x 145mm x 40mm deep.

Here it is with lips packs, bestech bms and dual focbox. Originally made for 10s 4p lion pack though.

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Do u have to do a bit of wire between all the spot welding so the battery will flex? So much extra room in there! Nice batteries

The deck didn’t flex so no need for a flexible pack or enclosure. It looks a lot more full with the lion battery in it!

Based on the dimensions I assume that it won’t be possible to fit 2 VESCs besides the 10s4p battery pack?

That’s what it was made for originally. I’ll see if I can dig out the photo of it all in there.

Your not saying belts dont streach I hope. Yuk yuk. The board still flexes somewhat. My glued on lipos peeled off from flex on a similarly stiff board. For the obsessive such as myself that want the components rock stiff connected w the board but a board w natural flex, i end up using duct tape

y This was the first one made from single layer and too many bolts! There is an element of flex between the board and case taken up by the rubber strip.