Will this diagram work?


Hi, I’m new to building eboards and electronics. I’m wondering if this setup will work? Or does the VESC need to be connected from the P- connection instead of the B- connection? Is it the same with the voltagemeter?

In advance, thanks for help!

I’d put the voltmeter negative right off the battery(like you have diagrammed), and the positive after the anti-spark. I would like everything shutoff, when I shut it off – if it sits, I wouldn’t want a slow drain going on.

As far as the vesc, it depends on whether you want the BMS to be charge only ( use your diagram) or run through the BMS – if you run it through the BMS, your amp draw is limited by what the BMS can handle, but supposedly it would help keep the cells balanced during discharge

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Thanks for helpful answer! The BMS is 60A rated, will it be enough or would you rather keep it the same? Battery I’m using is 10S3P 30Q samsung batteries

I’m far from an expert – ‘enough’ is relative. there are many threads talking about these topics.

No, you want something like this

except with a fuse on the charge port negative line

And also at this time (April 2019), I would recommend a loop key instead of an antispark switch.