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Will this ESC work? A DIY substitute

Hey everyone.
I just found this site but have been watching endless spheres and member OKP’s forum for a while. This stuff looks amazing and i am looking to finally sack up and get some parts. I have decided on the motor mounts and belt and pully, the board, bushings, trucks and wheels seem pretty standard.
I want to get started ordering parts but I’m on a budget. I’ve heard good things about the DIY 12s Opto HV 120A but they cost more than a VESC and i found these on Aliexpress…

they look alot like torqueboards esc’s…my question is has anyone tried these? My buddy who races rc cars says esc’s are different for planes and cars and quads. Anyone messed with changing the software on these?

Again on the cheap is key here. I know VESC’s are the shit and I will probably order one of them down the road, but for now I just want to get moving and DIY’ s non-VESC are more expensive than VESC!!

I’m going to vote that it’s a bad idea. Since it’s designed for planes, it won’t have any brakes. I have found brakes to be hugely beneficial :smile:

The new batches of VESC will be available soon, I recommend VESC. If you can’t wait, get a car ESC.

Even with the same hardware…brakes aren’t just software?

I have one. Same hardware different firmware. Won’t work :frowning:

Firmware to fix it isn’t available to the public only a few people have it .

@thisrealhuman uses the Kforce, basically the same ESC with Heli programming and it works okay for him. check is recent thread out

The K-force is only a few dollars cheaper than the Torqueboards Esc and with Torqueboards you get the proper firmware for E-board and you get expert tech support. Don’t waste money on an Esc that might not work or not have the settings you need.
The source that you listed has a 27 day delivery
So you’ll have to wait anyway unless you get the TB Esc

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27 days stateside bro…got mine in a week in Europe. Hardware very similar…gonna try and crack the code…will do a comparision of roomies Torqueboards ESC…if the hardware is the same we ought be able to figure out how to make this cheaper alternative run the same … Halfprice!!! alternative to torqueboards AND open source. I´ve been reading about BLHeliSuite and how to clone firmware…

Might as well kill some time waiting on my VESC…and i mean if it works!!!

Houston we have a match…exact same hardware…now for the firmware…

Maytech is pushing this controller right now too. They are selling it as an electric skateboard esc.

Awesome!! Thanks for the heads up Chaka. I can get two of these from Asia for the price of one of torqueboards. Dont mean to knock the guy, seems like a legit dude and backs up the group here and ES but man a 50% mark up. What!

Keystone pricing is the norm these days. Anything you buy stateside is going to have a 50% markup.

If you go through maytech it comes in a nice little aluminum case but it will cost you another ten and probably way higher shipping cost.

Understandable- dudes gotta make a buck I guess but man…

I’ve been working with @monkey32 to try to find the firmware because I have 2 of these I bought online. If you have any news let us know please lol

Can you link that for me?i want to see it and can’t seem to find it. Thanks man

You will need to contact them since they just acquired the esc’s recently.

Will do.
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Lol if u figure it out…still looking lol

Just gonna leave these here

Still trying :confused:

Wonder if I can get some custom done. I just wonder where the F carvon and TB get them.

That I have no clue…someone has an answer