Will this setup fry my torqueboard vesc

6355 190 kv 2500 watt torqueboards motor 2 6s lipo batteries in series (each 5200 mah) Totqueboards vesc 4.12. I just want to make sure u won’t like get my drv chip.

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Running 12S is always risky if you haven’t done calculations.

What do you mean by calculations?

The drv chip is usually blown by going over 60k eRPM. That’s why it’s important to calculate the eRPM and make sure it doesn’t go over 60k.

Ok I will check

This is the erpm 59052. Is that cutting it too close Or should I just put in 60000 as the max in the bldc tool

I’m pretty sure you would need to go lower than 170 kv rating if you don’t want to blow the drv chip…

So I will fry my chip with this setup?

batt full charge is 4.2 per cell. so for that u probably go over 60k. for baseform vesc erpm is critical

So I’m good??

you could always add the eRPM limit, but 170kv would be a safer choice. Both should work, though.

I will add the limit and I only have 190 kv So It should work

Or is there a very big chance something will happen because I already had to replace one vesc

the eRPM limit is inefficient, but you’ll only hit the upper bound when you’re pushing it at max. Since you bought both the vesc and motor, it wouldn’t hurt to ask DIYes / Dexter directly about the # of poles of that motor or if it’s safe.

How did you destroy your last vesc?

It came faulty

Then it gave me the drv fault

I run 12s on 6355 190kv from @Torqueboards

We only test and ride on 12S. All the VESCs are also tested on 12S prior to being shipped out.

We specifically recommend 10S/12S for 190KV but we only offer 12S batteries.

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ok thanks guys

@torqueboards That’s good information to know - I think it would help to avoid these questions if the listing for the VESC was updated to say that they are tested via 12S. The listing reads as if they are only tested on 10S:

"Our VESC ships to you tested multiple times during the production cycle. Pre-configured for a Single Motor Electric Skateboard with our 6355 190KV EPOWER Motor and our 10S3P EPOWER Pack. "

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