Will this VESC modification work?

Guys my soldering skills are pretty bad, and I had to change the layout of the cables with xt60 connector. I am concermed about capacitor board and the way Xt60 cable is soldered to it. Is it ok? Will this setup work? Or the xt60 cable has to be soldered dorectly to capacitor board?

That’ll work fine.

Ok i am looking at other vescs and i am guessing its all wrong?

What do you think is wrong? It looks fine to me aswell.

Shouldn’t the connector go after the caps? Not before like in the pictures.The caps are just floating.

Thats exactly what worries me. Can anyone confirm if connector can go before the caps?

I can’t tell for sure from the pics but I think you may have bypassed the Caps.

Nothing wrong here, carry on.

@NAF Don’t worry. The caps must be in parallel to the wires in a “short as possible” distance to the VESC, and that’s the case here. You can’t bypass the caps since they are soldered parallel.

There are four slots in capacitor board. Two of them were left empty. The xt60 is soldered before the caps.

One side of the capictor board with two empty slots.

And the other side with xt60 soldered before the caps

But how is the + side of the caps connected?

There is a connection between the holes, so it doesn’t matter if the other 2 holes are left unsoldered.

@Namasaki The VESC I got was soldered exactly like on your pictures. All I did is I removed the the xt60 cables from these two slots …and they are now left empty. I did nothing else.

Ok, based on this schematic, it should work. But are you sure that is the right schematic? Because it doesn’t appear to match the layout of the board.

I took the schematic directly from Vedders Github https://github.com/vedderb/CapPCB/ The renderings of the pcb match with the ones in the pictures in here (as far as I can see).

Capacitors are wired in parallel So + are all the same and so are - This will definitely work

Ok, I’m convinced

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Thank you guys !! It all works !