Will this work for me? i live in a mountainous area

I have this skateboard that i bought from my friend. did some research and found this on taobao that is identical in looks and specs. Question is, i live in a very mountainous area with steep hills of around 20 degrees NOT 25. Will this be able to go up it? Haven’t tried yet and i only went on flat ground so far…


25 degrees with hub motors? I don’t think that is possible. You will probably need at least a 3:1 gearing ratio on a belt/chain drive.

Although some newer high end hubs might succeed…

even if you get up one uphill, if you rly live in a mountainous area, one of these hills will kill it^^

Depends what you weigh but I doubt it at that gradient.

I would say no, but these hubs have been known to be quite powerful so maybe if you hit the hill with enough speed first

We did a hill climbing test with a number of different boards. Yours looks like the one we tested which barely made it up a hill with an incline of 12 degrees (not percent).

25 degrees or 46.6% what you claim will be significantly steeper than the famous Baldwin street in New Zealand where Evolve and Jedboards tested their boards. Evolve only made it up on the second attempt.

I bet my Evo would make it up… Lol :o


Sorry y’all… i meant 20 degrees…

I guess your board can do 12-15 degrees at best. As I said before, 20 degrees is like Baldwin street :point_down: and I don’t think your hub drive can handle that.


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thats so bonkers… imagine getting up and down that hill if it were snowy D: