Will vesc v4.12 foc mode work for lawn mower robot?

I am looking for a temporary solution. All shipping are on hold. With china going thru covid19 lockdown. So I can’t get my replacement vesc superfoc6.8s for awhile. But however I can get my hands on some other options. I am using 4 hoverboard motors with 10inch inner tube tires. 15 amps being rarely seen. Will these amazon vesc hold up in foc with low amps. Lawnmower applications. Vesc dual 4.20 vesc 4.12 vesc 6.6 are my options. I am also running 10s lithium along with a dc to dc inverter that charges thru a 24volt alternator.

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Are you trying to replace a broken esc with a different one? If you are, we’re talking about this right?

If so, yes, you can replace it with a different esc. If you’re going dual, look into makerx DV6. Flipsky is not good if you’re going with a super high application. Someone learned that in a beautiful purple flame way. You might be okay with them with less than 25A battery set up in vesc tool.

Yes 25 amps and lower on 350w hoverboard wheels

Then you’re safe to buy the flipsky esc.

Ok cool I will let you know how it goes

It will be awhile before china’s shipping back up from lockdown.

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So I’ve heard.

I got a question for you Leon.

Shoot. I’ll see if i can answer it. If not, I’ll probably lead you to a more active area.

I am running all 4 vesc thru the R/c input. Using 2 channel tank steer. Ok my question Is it safe to run just the signal line ? And not use the 5v and ground.

If I’m not mistaken, are you trying to run multiple escs with a single receiver? If so, it is suggested to remove all the other 5v lines before doing so. You can leave ground on. You’re basically doing a split ppm. And that requires you to remove any other 5v lines (save one since that will be how you’ll power on the receiver).

If i am mistaken, let me know.