Winboard dual hub motor thoughts?

Been in the market for some hub motors after my belt drive failed on me due to a short in one of the motors. As I’m based in EU, I have been looking locally and came across this pair of dual hubs from

They are waterproof and have 83mm replaceable PU, not sure the power as it says 1200W-1500W. Has any had any experience with these?

Seems a steal at just €107 + €20 shipping!

I am also looking at the maytech hubs from which are a bit more at €200.

Any input would be greatly appreciated

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If you want to stay cheap the best quality price of from meepo/wowgo/diyeboard ecc… Also the one from Winboard you are showing seems the sames. Didn’t look into it in details. I have the Meepo style one, now you can have it with replaceable PU too. They are good, nice torque ecc… If yuu want more I move to these ones. They are the TB hubs now out of stocked (retail price over 350$ plus shipping :confused:) I organized a group buy for them and made a review. Check it out At the end of the first post there are link to review and other info. They are really powerful. To me the best hubs after hummie’s and probably raptor 2