Winboard’s New Carbon Fiber Hub Motors

Thoughts ?

Why not drill a stone and put in on a hub motor, maximum comfy vibration absorption!


Seems like an interesting idea because my 90mm Maytech Hubs way 1kg each. I wonder what exactly is going to be carbon fiber though? Can’t be the stator so I guess just the housing and outer cover? Idk seems like it won’t save much weight however.

Can you explain this? How exactly does rock relate to this?

I thought I red that the “wheel” part is out of CF. And CF is hard AF so and rocks are hard too so that’s why… Anyways hub motors are not a place to cut on material

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Idk about this… direct contact with the asphalt doesn’t sound good. Especially with carbon fiber.

Ok, that makes more sense.

How is using CF cutting on material? One of the best performing cars (Koenigsegg) use CF rims.

Not saying what they did is amazing because we don’t know how CF will act with a lot of heat, and not everything that’s made in China is of the highest quality either, but it has some potential.

I don’t know where they use CF, but I can say this, thin urethane at what 90mm or 97mm, won’t be the most comfortable ride.

If they use CF in the bell, they are shooting themselves in the foot. The metal bell keeps the magnetic field localized so it can’t escape the motor. If the wheels have a core, that would be a safe and smart place to use CF. But outside of the core, I can’t see any place where it’s safe t use CF in a hub motor.

because you cant loose 1kg of weight by replacing the case of the motor with CF 80% of the weight are the magnets and windings

CF screws

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I’m actually interested in this because of the lou board. This will mean my total board is only 10 lb with this upgrade. For those who are interested they are also coming out with an upgrade for their current hub motors. I emailed them inquiring about both the upgraded hubs and the carbon fiber ones. This is the response

“Hey. Attached is upgrade motors. This can available on June in bulk orders. Higher profermance than ever till now. Carbon fiber motor will available in bulk orders end of Sep, because mold not finished. just CNC made samples.”

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This is 100% snake oil – designed by a marketing department, not engineers – only to part folks from their money.

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I am curious how carbon fiber helps to magnetic fields… Last time I studied I remember CF is not feromagnetic :smiley:


Well whatever the case be, if they work and are 3 lbs lighter that’s what I’m interested in.

I am in no way associated with WINboard or any other company

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In last picture the only part I imagine is carbon fiber is just the lid…

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yes; the “hubcap” part

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wow one motor cap weights 400g :open_mouth: Sorry just saved 400g per motor cap


It’s like in the 80’s when all the car manufactures put “turbo” on the side of their cars and everyone went out and bought them. The word “Carbon Fiber” on just about anything has the same effect. :grinning:

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