Launches today

Some of you know I have joined Winboard as their Ambassador and the guy who is responsible for fixing the boards if something should happen.

We launched sales today. (Any support is welcome)

Here are some pictures of the facility yesterday imageimageimage

Here’s a dubbed review, pardon the corny phrases…but every thing he says it’s accurate…not just because I now work for them it’s because I have been doing the same testing. So far I’ve done two group rides … no problem…

What’s the skinny? $749 free shipping 28mph top speed 20 mile range solid (if you keep chill and use M mode) Dual 1500w hubs Samsung 30q pack 4 ride modes L M H H+ LCD display on remote with Battery indicators for board and remote Build quality is excellent . You can find me on Instagram at @Team_Winboard

Lots of crazy stuff happening so quickly…

But now a DIY guy is the inside man…Time to shake up the Chinese Electric Skateboard world!

I have been given the Golden Ticket

PS…yeah…I know the grip tape…it will change in the future


Those are good specs for the price man. If I was buying my first board or just secondary board I’d look into this if I hadn’t already sworn off production boards lol


Feel you bro…

I guess this post is meant to share what’s going on in my Esk8 life…

Something that I am trying to develop…

So yeah…I joined the darkside


Any thiughts of win board selling their parts? Maybe a kit like ownboard?

This part of Winboard only sells completes bud

Any plans to sell parts? I’d be interested in the hub motors

Not at this time sorry

If I hadn’t already backed the Backfire Ranger X1 I wouldn’t given this one a chance.

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If there are needs, actually I dont see why winboard will not consider. But probably if winboard starts selling parts, these will be for the purpose of upgrading their boards from former winboard products.

Our latest review from @nmagz3 of big kids


Can you give us any insider dirt? :slight_smile: like ownboard vs wowgo vs predatorboards?

Can you get them to tweak the esc for Moar Power?

Are you gonna do another crazy group buy?

Thanks @Michaelinvegas it was a fun time.

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Lynx single motor unboxing

Ride test Lynx

Panther Range test last night

20.82 miles on a single charge

Stayed on mode M the entire time

Sidewalk and street riding a couple for rest breaks

Only stopped when low voltage warnings and voltage sag came on