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Windows BLDC 2.17?

Does 2.17 exist yet, or do I need to downgrade my firmware and use an older BLDC tool… I can only seem to find 2.16 on windows.

Maybe @chaka or @jacobbloy knows

yes it does but I’m hoping that in the next 3 days i will be merging my work into bldc tool, this will add some cool features, if your in a rush let me know and i will send u a link

yea man, we have a group ride planned for next week, so if you could shoot me that link it’d be great!!

You should get a ubuntu/linux machine going if you want to stay current.

So that’s why I can’t connect my new VESC from chaka with my mac… :unamused: FW downgrade seems like the only option for now then.

Hi @jacobbloy & @chaka

Just wondering if there is any update on BLDC version 2.17 for Windows? I am trying to configure my latest VESCs from @chaka and only see version 2.16 available on the site:


Hey mate last night I updated to version 2.18 for Windows but I don’t have the firmware updates yet I’ll try and do this today

can you use the BLDC tool v2.18 with a VESC running 2.17?

Hey thanks!

I still only see v2.16 uploaded.

I apologize if I am missing something, thanks so much for all of you work on this.

The text needs tone updated. I’m testing it know guys!

Having some problems with Windows I will update tonight!

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Yes you can. :slight_smile:

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Hi guys it’s updated!

•as5047 encoder support
•improved FOC start up
•easy online firmware updates
•BLE support needs more testing for Windows

Check out the video

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Thanks @jacobbloy, it worked great for me! Love the new firmware update feature.

and don’t use your wife’s old shitty laptop to do it with bad USB ports. I was all ready for 2.17 goodness and had bldc tool compiled running and ready. then i had to downgrade to 2.16 using my mac because buggy windows but then used windows to do my settings because buggy mac.

i need a decent linux laptop with good USB ports i can keep in the garage. It will save me money on playstation controllers. (because that’s what i throw when i’m mad)

A crappy laptop will work too…Linux doesn’t care. Linux is the honey badger of the pc world.

i think it was more about the bad USB ports or possibly drivers than the general crappiness of this antique Compaq. My experience with linux is that it almost always breaths new life into 10 year old hardware.

I think you should mark that this is a beta software and the people using it be aware that they maybe damage something. I think it would be better to upload benjamins version of bldc-tool and not your beta software without saying that it isn’t the official.

Let me explain. I had a freak out with your version where the motor was spinning from one direction in the other without doing anything. I don’t touched my keyboard or mouse and the motor was doing what it wants to do. Dangerous when you didn’t expect that.

There are also other bugs I noticed just in a very short time of testing.

  • The right and left arrow keys doing other things than in benjamins original firmware
  • Tested BLE with my HM-10 module and it is useless, because writing is not possible
  • After connecting over BLE once it isn’t possible to disconnect and using USB when you have it available. You need to reopen bldc-tool and then connect to USB without BLE first

All tested under Mac OSX.

I also compiled your GUI by myself and putted it on an iPhone, because you didnt share it after PMing you. There it is also not possible to write settings and after seeing some strange minimum duty cycle readings etc. its maybe better that this isn’t working and destroying some settings. :grin: (But there I know that I am a beta tester, because compiling it myself and that is ok for me) Not like the bldc-tool for Mac where no one knows that he maybe drive his board into the wall, because of a bug.

Just FYI: Calc CC in FOC mode is wrong (BLDC Tool V2.17 and V2.18) in those Win and OSX versions.