Wingman - robo esk8 with auto follow

Not really interested in riding this thing but I fancy trying it on auto follow to carry my groceries or whatever :sunglasses:


it’s glorified hoverboard

again, all and I mean all of these product previews that claim self following are faked for these type of videos (see lily drone) it is an incredibly hard problem to solve - my advice is don’t buy this if you’re interested in the auto-following feature.

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@onepunchboard true but its programmable, kinda like that

grrr that still makes me angry how fake that was!

And yet magical DJI is the only one that can figure it out… Lol doubtful.

There are those real self follow suitcases so the technology does exist

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I’ve tried to ignore the ‘follow me’ feature for a little while yet, this was from 2016 and was an epic fail on all of them