Winning Hub Motors --> DON'T BUY ! (Dangerous and repairs are costly)

I recently bought Motors from Winning inside China, it was cheap and looked powerful, so I jumped on the occasion.

After 6km of cumulated test ride, I noticed that the motors were wobbly, and looked at the left rear of my board : the left motor’s urethane was getting away (all of that at 30kmh…). After analyzing the problem I figured that the urethane wasn’t properly attached to the motor becaus e the screws holding it were going through the holes of the urethane, or getting loose while riding due to the vibration and heat. This worn of the urethane a lot.

I contacted the seller that redirected me to the factory :

    1. I asked them if they could fix it, and they said yes, our new version has a safer way to attach the urethane, you just have to pay for postage and we’ll update it to the new version.
    1. They received the motor, but didn’t want to give me a new piece of urethane because “The original one can still be user” (Picture below)
    1. After I fought a little with them, the agreed to give a new piece of urethane, I paid the shipping back, and received the updated motor.
    1. Did 1 test ride, and 4 of the 6 screws fell off while I was riding, then the urethane, then me.
    1. Identified tha tthe screw threads were not holding the screws properly so contacted them and, they told me to use screw glue, but didn’t want to send new screws for me unless I paid.
    1. Later that night they agreed to send the screws and glue to me but wanted me to pay shipping, to which I agreed, meanwhile, i found some screw glue at the factory, and similar screws to the one that got lost (just a different length).
    1. I figured that I should try with those new screws and screw glue before making them send me a new set, unfortunately it didn’t work as the threads were still damaged and the screw glue couldn’t do anything about it.
    1. Sent them a video explaining the problem, and they told me tha tmy screws damaged the threads, and that it is my fault. Which can’t be true, because the threads being damaged was the reason why they told me to use screw glue.
    1. They now want me to pay half the price of the motor to change the outer shell, so that I get new fresh threads. which I think is unreasonable, they sent me a faulty product, I should’t have to pay so that they make it work.

So here’s teh recap : I buy two motor, one is faulty, they try and fail to repair it, ask me money to fix it again.

End of the story : DON’T BUY Winning Motors, it’s not that they are bad motors, you’re not sure you’ll even be able to use them, and in that case, you’ll have to pay half the price of the motor, to maybe get it fixed.

PS : Or you can buy them and upgrade the fixation system by yourself.

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any picture can refer?

If these are 7055’s i might want to take this burden off your hands. They are sensored right? Need pics

@Blasto It’s the 83 mm ones, that I used for my build, this is the chinese link :

@benwong : Of course, I just realized its pretty dumb to make accusations without any proof of it. I took some pictures for their “customer service” :

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