Winning Remote 2nd Channel for LED Lights ON/OFF VESC

Has anyone figured this out yet?

I have seen some posts where people want to do this. It would be really cool if someone could give me some hints on getting this going :).

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All you need is this. It just acts like a switch to complete the circuit you want to activate.

To turn the vesc on and off, you would to connect this to your BMS switch or anti spark switch power button.


That’s great! Thanks @Pantologist

@Pantologist have you done it ?

Nope. I sold my Winning Remote.

I believe some one used one. Not sure who. Someone else recommended it.

I ordered one but still haven’t plugged it

You need help setting it up?

Here’s a decent video. Not sure which channel it is on the Winning. I never used mine.

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I want to set mine up with color changing LED (not strobe mode) and headlight. Figured I would need 12 V battery supply separate and use that controller switch to complete the circuit from my winning remote.

Any suggestions on batteries, led’s and headlights? I did go thru the thread on this topic, but specifically I am trying to find how to rather than what products.

Does anyone power their lights from their main batteries? Does it drain them pretty bad? I have 8S 5000 mah currently.

Hello everyone,

I’ve ordered a Turnigy on/off switch to control my headlight and taillight, and installed it into the second channel from my Winning reciever. I have a Winning remote and an Enertion Dual Raptor. Unfortunately the switch does not seem to work or the remote does not work. I assume that the switch is working so is it possible that the second channel is disabled somehow?


Bump! Anyone have any luck? Thinking of taking the plunge.

Which Turnigy on/off switch did you get? Depending on the model you may have to hit the switch on the remote twice to turn on and twice to turn off.

Would this work with our new lights?

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Yup! :+1::punch::beers:

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Hi, thanks for the reply. In the meanwhile I found another way of installing the lights. I used the power from the vescs and installed a manual switch next to the power-switch from the board. Works great now, don’r even need a extra battery anymore for the lights.

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Got it to work!

Turnigy Multistar Twin Output SBEC

Turning Receivers Controlled Switch

Winning Remote (many stores)

VESC (Ollin Board Company only the best)

8S Setup


If you post a wiring diagram I can help. It also maybe that you need to remove one of the caps on the Turnigy Reciever Controlled Switch. It has two small black caps and one is removed.

Send me a pic or something.

Man I have been looking for something like this for ages! If you could do just a mini guide with the wiring, which lights you used etc. on how you got this to work I (and probably many others) would be very thankful!

So this works as long as you have a remote with an additional switch function and a matching receiver? Also, do you have any idea how I can make the red taillights I’m looking to install flash brighter when I’m breaking like a bike/car?

I haven’t worked on the brake lights, not really interested.

The on/off switch is pretty straight forward. Just plug the channel into the remote receiver and break the positive wire to the thing you want to power. It took a little messing Around with the caps on the switch, but trial and error worked.

The twin output is needed to convert the 42v of the batteries to 5v and 12v. Those LEDs are using 5V, I’ll be using the 12V on front and rear lights.

I’ll post a wiring diagram. But honestly, just this one YouTube video did the trick.


Hi. I have got the same remot trying to switch my lights with the 2nd channel switch. But it doesnt work. Have tried the turnigy r/c switch, the efla600 and many others. No function. Does anybody have an wiring diagram or a guide how to connect the whole circuit? The 2nd channel functionality was the main reason for buying that remote… you are my last hope…

PS: sorry for my bad english… im from Germany.

Hi. Just tried the wiring like in the video (s)… Still doesnt work :frowning: Somebody help, please.