Winter Season Preparations

Hi guys,

Well woke up this morning to 37F and 22F windchill here is beautiful Minneapolis, MN and did my daily morning ride. Damn it was cold and well it just is going to continue for the next 6 months. I had an open face standard skateboard helmet and a ski mask, should of had googles on as my eyes watered up pretty good.

I am interested in what people are wearing and find effective when Esk8 above the Mason Dixon line in the winter months.

Couple of items I need to upgrade:

  1. Gloves - What are good options for gloves that will give warmth, grip and feel for the remote hand and some degree of protection?

  2. Helmet- Thinking this is the year for full face helmet to provide greater safety factor and keep my head and face from freezing. Looking at TSG and Vector?

  3. Footwear - What footwear options are available that have the feel of vans and higher cut and will be warm?

  4. Pants - I have used my snowboard pants in the past good warmth not a lot of protection (do wear knee and elbow pads). Looking for fall protection and warmth.

The board is least of my concerns as I have studded all terrain 9” wheels that will work great on ice, slush and prob less than 4” of snow ( Would appreciate suggestions on the 4 items listed above as well as addition gear that you may have found effective when riding in cold weather conditions.

For those of you that live in a location that think 50F is winter please be kind as we are all not that fortunate.


Thanks in advance,



Winter preparations for a fair weather softie like me.

  1. Put board in closet
  2. Check storage voltages periodically
  3. gain weight on Christmas menus
  4. Lose weight before summer



Vans make a winter hightop. Water resistant and lined to keep your feet warm. Work great for me in the PNW.

I like my full face TSG but at speed the air flow is cold.

For gloves i have thick slide gloves with the thumb cut off.


Thanks @Skunk are you using something like this:



Sk8 hi MTE. They’re pretty warm but still feel like a sneaker and not like a boot. Combined with a halfway decent pair of wool socks and they do really well for a hightop

I might have to try these this year

Following this as it will be my first Esk8 Winter Season here in Russia. For now I thought i‘ll do well with my snowboard clothes under which i will wear my protection gear. Let’s see how it will go when it’s gonna get colder.

I am having a hard time finding gloves with warmth and good dexterity. They are either to thin and lack warmth or to think and don’t work well with the finger hole in Nano X. I have become very comfortable with thumb wheel and really would like to stick with controller style.

These helmets look like a good alternative to tsg

I can vouch for those vans too I use them, great feeling and support. As for the rest not a clue. Forgotten what winter looks like.
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I can just again recommend my hand warmer pads :sweat_smile: you can use thin gloves and just stick a pair of them inside. Something like this I mean

So I picked up a pair of the they are by so lite and soft and will work well for the couple of months until it drops into the teens.


Ever hear of quality leather gloves?

Can you provide an example for some reason leather dress gloves pooped into my mind or work gloves…?

Just find leather gloves that fit well, are comfortable and made for the winter.

But when it’s freezing then big bulky gloves may be the only way.

Some neoprene biking gloves fit the bill. It’d be a tight fit into the remote hole and I’d still probably be removing a thumb for better throttle control.

Or maybe a really small pair or x country skiing gloves, they’d be warmer but bulkier as well.

Honestly I’ve been using just a pair of fox leather mountain biking gloves and haven’t had any issues below zero. Tho I’m sure if I was going for more than 5km I’d be wanting more.

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:wink: Nice !

I buy a second hand ski suit (one piece, so fashion !!! But so easy the leave, and your like in your hot quilt !), waterproof hiking shoes, winter glove left hand and just got my trigger finger freeze … when riding emtb around 0°C. (Edit : Got FF helmet TSG pass)

For a helmet maybe go for the ruroc. It’s meant for snowboarding so it should be warm.


Maybe wear a mask under the tsg pass if you still get cold.

And what about mittens? Just have the remote inside as well.

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For gloves you could use these head gloves from Amazon. I have many pairs and although they are not the thickest, they are very warm. You can hold a remote with them. Head Gloves

I think that’s my solution for winter, good reminder to buy one


When it’s cold I wear snowboard stuff. I’m old enough to have (these days) oversized clothes where I can wear full protective gear underneath :laughing: I wear snowboard goggles, the only problem is the running nose. That’s why I need a mask.