Wire gauge sizes

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I’m about to build my battery and electrical system but would like some input before I start buying wires. I’ve looked at all the other threads but could not find definite answers to these questions.

1)I am about to solder together a 10S3P Li Ion battery using LG HG2, but was wondering what size nickel strips are recommended or if I should use 10AWG tinned copper wire? Or copper rods?

2)Wondering if my wire sizes are adequate for my battery and system, mainly regarding the charging wires.

  1. yes, they are adequate
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Nice diagram btw.

Is the xt90 the load? Gauges look good, even a bit overkill. Get high strand count tinned silicone wire. Check acerracing super worm. Prices are okay, US store, good reputation. Their ebay store may be a bit cheaper.

Don’t use copper rod – I think vibrations will break the joints.

Your pack is specified for 20a per cell (60a, 3p). For nickel I think .20mm x 10mm per series connection will be close to meeting the spec.

Some helpful info here too:

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thanks for the input

thank you namasaki

Yes the xt90 is the load. Are you saying the 10AWG and 18AWG are both oversized? What sizes would you recommend?

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For the record, I don’t think 10AWG and 18AWG are oversized. I don’t think they are undersized, either.

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Hm I’m reconsidering. 10awg is good around the battey pack.18awg is good for charge.

I’m going with 10awg wiring to battery, and 12awg to each vesc. Can go bigger, but it’s a pain. The wires barely fit the connectors and it’s had to route wires.

you should make your motor wires bigger than your battery wires if you want to have the wire sizes in relation to the amps running within them. Motor wires will have up to maybe 4x more amps depending on the esc settings. the amps run circularly through the motor and esc not to the other side with the battery and capacitors.

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I reread this like 4 times and I’m still lost :slight_smile: Motor wires are 3 phase AC with PWM. I’m trying to imagine how they actually carry more current. The way current is measured is weird, right?

And most motor wires are quite thin, like the motor side of focbox. Everyone seems okay with this?

the current is regular standard current. the real thing.

a lot of people are ok with little motor wires and it’s the norm but none the less that’s where the majority of the amps are. at least there’s 3 phase wires so any of the single phase wires will only experience this higher current for half the time.

They carry more current because the capacitors on the VESC absorb the peaks and valleys and draw a more constant load from the battery