Wire two motors in series

Can you wire two motors in series. I’m not planning on it as the VESC I have on order doesn’t hAve enough power. But was curious about whether anyone has done this or if it’s possible.

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I don’t believe so with brushless…

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I wont say no as there is probably some way to pull it off if you’re an electrical engineer. But for practical purposes, no.

ESCs rely on back EMF or sensors to time the activation of 3 motor phases. There would be nothing practical about wrapping a wire or wires around one motor phase then using that same wire(s) to also energize another phase on a secondary motor. The two would not play nice with each other.

If you’re bored you can do a youtube search for ‘2 brushless motors one esc’. But that shows you how 2 motors in parallel behave.

What are you trying to do? is this a budget constraint thing? Can afford a 2nd ESC?