Wired controller for vesc

I’ve been thinking of getting/making a wired controller for a planned board build. Anyone know if there are there any pre-made solutions or ways to build one fairly easily? Most propably gonna be driving a pair of vescs.

I think a simple servo tester would do it. You could even draw power from the VESC.


Cool, i’ll check it out. Thanks.

this would work, but you don’t even need that.

vesc 4.12 has 2 adc lines brokenout. you can connect a pot or hall sensor directly! and select adc control in bldc tool! :slight_smile:

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Interesting, that would make it a whole lot simpler. What value would i need on the pot for that, do you know? And what would i need to make a hall sensor?

Any pros/cons to using one over the other?

You can use a wired wii nunchuk. Might need to extend the wires but it works. Search around and you should find a diagram or photos of the wiring order.

I think any pot from 5k - 20k should be fine. pots are cheaper, hall sensors are solid state(no wear, less noise). but chaka’s idea of the wired nunchuk sounds cool. less diy, and more features.

Ah, right.

Though i’m looking for less features and more compact package, basically just the simplest and most robust way of controlling throttle. Planning on mounting a throttle on the brakehandle on an emtb so i don’t need to have two seperate handles.

oh good. this is the only way a wired throttle makes sense to me!

something like this could work, but they usually only have a throttle. no brake travel. so you’d only have mechanical brakes.

Cool to see the different options for this. Would someone mind explaining to me why you would want wired as apposed to wireless? I’m curious. Hope you find a solution!

Planning a mountainboard build with a mechanical brake, so I’m gonna have a wire leading to the brake handle already, which means I might as well use a wire for the throttle too.

@lowGuido has done this before. He could probably help with the wiring.

Its very easy. The VESC has the direct inputs built in.

Sounds awesome. But i’m not sure which pins to use or what components are needed. For the pot i’m guessing any 5k will really work. Any ideas on the hall sensors? Did a quick look around but couldn’t discern what type to use.

You can just use an off the shelf nunchuck. Or a ebike throttle. The info is all on this forum if you search.

So, if I want to experiment with hands free cruise control (ie. foot switch wired C button), should any old cheap clone Nunchuk work?

yes sure will. in fact I have done just that with an (icandy?) clone remote here:

Excellent. I’ll go ahead and order the least expensive Nunchuk I can find. Oh, I’ve seen your video :slight_smile: . It was just the inspiration I needed to proceed with this project.