Wired controller on car esc - doesn't fit?

So I ordered a wired controller thinking it would plug right into my esc but I need some type of connector? Anyone that has advice, it would be much appreciated.

Controller: http://www.monsterscooterparts.com/ezip-trailz-throttle-womens.html

ESC: https://m.banggood.com/FVT-CBWI120A-ESC-Brushless-Speed-Controller-For-110-and-18Series-RC-Cars-Skateboard-ESC-p-985970.html

That will not work. The reason is that electric bike throttles work in such a way, that the spinning part of the throttle has a magnet inside and the stationary part usually mounted to handlebars has a hall sensor inside. This explains the “hall sensor” label on the connector. This just sends a linear signal to whatever is used on e-bikes to use this information. What these hobby ESCs and VESC and similar electronics need is a signal such as the one the receiver outputs.

The solution for you unless you find a throttle with necessary output (I dont personally know of any) is using “servo tester”. It can be hooked up directly to the ESC but you will have to adapt it to look/work like a throttle. Here is one example of a servo tester: https://www.ebay.com/p/ESC-Ek2-0907-Updated-Servo-Tester-Server-Tech-Electronic-Speed-Controller/1086082019?iid=132116782422

Thank you very much man for the detailed response, no longer confused just pissed :slight_smile: