Wired my Bms and got smoke, now no power. Help

So im pretty close. But according to this, should i use the same P- wire for the charger - and the load - … i ask Bc my bms has 3 seperate P- wires, do i use one or two or does the not matter at all?

i bet those three wires are all connected to the same rail in the pcb so anyone should be fine, look underside of the pcb and it should all be connected

just looked at your diagram, don’t put your loop key where you have it now. if it’s on the B- line you’ll have to power up your board to charge.

instead, put the loop key on the P- line so that your esc is isolated via the loop key, while the battery + bms circuit is complete when charger is plugged in.

hope that made sense.

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Okay, they do seem connected as far as a can tell rn. And yes that makes sense, so move the loop key to between the P- and the Xt90/Vesc connect so i can charge without the loop key in but still have secured power between Vesc, correct?

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yup, you got it.

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Thisguyhere Hey man, sorry to bring you back here lol. But after i wired my bms like suggested, im getting a different voltage off my bms than what my battery is. 20180724_164059 20180724_164018 Cells%201-6 Cells%207-12. I saw a lil smoke off the bms at one point before i got these readings, and maybe it did something to bms, but i see absolutely no damage, signs, or easonwhy it wouldnt be working correctly. i checked all my balance wires several times…any advice or insight(already contacted seller and they havent been much help lol.

i’ll take a look at this later tonight, at work atm…

This is probably an instance where there needs to be load on the BMS to filly trigger it. I know the switched 10s BMS from Bestech works this way.

that might make sense but why would my Bms being reading a false voltage without a load? …ill give it a try later though.