Wireless Charging Tech

If this works for drones then we could see eSk8 tracks with inbuilt wireless charging? :smile:

"According to Kallman, GET has found a way to create a “power cloud” that can charge a drone while it’s in flight.

The system comprises a ground-based power station with a frame of wires positioned in a roughly circular shape. When turned on, this creates an electromagnetic field in the air near the station. A drone equipped with a special antennae charges by flying into the range of the power cloud."

When I read

I immediately picture a nuclear-powered airplane that cruises around over Antarctica 24/7.


I wouldn’t go anywhere near this “powercloud” for the sake of my health… :slight_smile:


If you don’t care about energy efficiency, you can charge anything from any distance. Afaik even with a wireless charging pad the efficiency is about 70-80%.


The same thing wouldn’t be possible with a tesla coil ? With a 50/50 chance of zapping the drone of the air, it would be fun !

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Psh RF power transmittance has been developed for almost 2 decades now. There’s RF all around you and going through you regularly. No joke the standard for yearly radiation exposure is ALARA.

As Low As Reasonably Achievable


Yeah, but in my opinion to achieve a modest rate of charge and range the field has to be pretty strong. There are no long term studies of electromagnetic induction at all. It also depends on the frequency… High frequency = heat on your body= danger :slight_smile: @venom121212

There is certainly a reason they only charge things from a few feet away. Personally I’d rather see 3 “lighthouses” in your room that each send out a lower power signal and only charge where the triangulated beams cross. This is what they’re currently developing to do non invasive brain surgeries.

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You’re right. But if I want to charge a drone which is 2 meters up in the air the field has to be pretty strong so maybe even so that it inflicts damage on your body :slight_smile:

Yeah no that’s not how that works lol. Microwave operate at about 2.4GHz and they heat water molecules which yes some scientists do believe can cause cellular damage at extremely high dosages due to the heat. However yes higher frequency’s are where the ionizing radiation lies and that can cause cellular damage, but wireless charging, usually at least, operates at FAR lower frequency’s like a few hundred khz which does not have enough energy to cause cellular damage.

@Balta_6 Wireless charging is somewhat similar to a Tesla coil with there reasonant inductive coupling, but yeah I’d say zaping a drone is probably just gonna kill it lol.

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I was just trying to break it down to its bare minimum…

For example the German law…

But you’re right

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Alara is a guidline.

There are limits set. I dont quite remeber buit is either 5mrem or 20 mrem monthly/yearly

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Everything is a guideline. milliRads is the measure for ALARA if I’m not mistaken (not that it doesn’t equate to rems). Learning about how an X-ray machine works is one of the most interesting things I ever had to learn.

Wavelength (size) n frequency go hand and hand right? Lower frequency being the bigger waves n vice versa. Or the smaller wavelengths actually more powerful or they’re just more dangerous as they’re so small and can effect u

When you’re doing inductive charging or transformation, like with a transformer or linear power supply, what emf world that be? It can greatly vary right?

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The frequency used for Qi chargers is located between about 110 and 205 kHz for the low power Qi chargers up to 5 watts and 80-300 kHz for the medium power Qi chargers.

Amplitude factors into the overall power as well but in general, yes. Lower frequency has worse strength but goes farther (AM radio = amplitude modulation, FM radio = frequency modulation). I happen to live right next to a park called Voice of America park. It was one of the first low frequency radio towers to be able to reach across to our allies in WWII. Its mainly retired now but every time I drive past it, it throws my car’s radio into a frenzy.