Wiring 2 2s in series and connecting to another 4s = 8s?

Hey there, I dont know if this is the right topic but, can I wire two of thoose


(becouse I already own them) in series and connect them to this:

http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__8580__ZIPPY_Flightmax_5000mAh_4S1P_20C.html also in series so i would have one 8s battery?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts :slight_smile:

Thankfully Xyooon

PS: do you think this motor:


is good for this battery?

Wiring those batteries that way wouldn’t work very well (at least for very long). The two 2400 mah would be out of juice when the 5000 mah battery is only at about 50%.

Also I noticed that battery is on backorder on Hobby King. Last time I ordered something on backorder from them I waited about 1.5 months before I just canceled the order.

I would find a 4s battery on HK that’s not on back order and just get two of them.

Good luck!

It would work, but as ndwallick said, the 2400mah packs when fully discharged will leave the 5000mah pack with 50% charge left.

Why don’t you instead of getting a 5000 mah 4s get a 4s battery that has a capacity closer to the 2400mah packs you already have - it would cost less to, and all the batteries would discharge more equally.

Sorry to thread jack but I was wondering. Could you:

Wire two 3s lipos in parallel to gain more aH. Do that again so you have 2 sets of parallel lipos.

Then combine both sets in series.

EG: x2 - 3000mah 3s parallel for 6000 mah x2 - 3000mah 3s parallel for 6000 mah

Combine them in series for a result of 6000mah 6s

Why the hassle? I bought two 3s lipos that were 3000 mah thinking if I connected them in series I would get 6000 mah and 22.2v. Idiot of me. I cant get a refund so I was thinking of buying another 2 of them. I didn’t realise mah multiples in parallel and not series. Shuda done my research.

thank you i really Presheate your help :smiley: any suggestions for a 2400 mah 4s lipo ?

This one is a good option: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__9948__ZIPPY_Flightmax_2650mAh_4S1P_40C.html

it was the closest one i could find to 2400mah on hobby king.