Wiring and Charing 3 4s batteries in series

Was wondering if anyone knows how to wire 3 4s batteries in series to get 12s total. And if anyone knows how you can wire to charge with one charging port, is it possible?

I plan on using these:


You need something called a BMS

Now you need something called a search bar, the forum has provided one for free so you just have to use it

After that you will know how to charge your board

What does the BMS do?

please search. the answers to every question you’ve asked here has already been answered multiple times.

Thank you @GrecoMan

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It keeps the cells in balance and stops them from being damaged.

To connect your battery you need to connect the negative of battery 1 to the positive of battery 2, the negative or battery 2 to the positive of battery 3 and so on. Like this diagram



Okay, thank you so much, I’m a newbie.

So you connect the charging ports of each battery to the BMS?

Yes pretty much. The battery has a balance plug and the main power plug. The balance plug (the little white one) connects into the socket on the bms, but before you can do that the cells need to be connected together in series (I’ll find a thread that explains it better than I can), once that is connected the main wires are connected in series and attached to the battery terminals on the bms. Then you are mostly done

This might also be helpful


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