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Wiring Diagram Help?

So, I’m fairly new to working with anything about 3s and creating my own wiring harnesses. I was hoping someone would be able to sketch a quick drawing of how I need to wire my board, if its even possible at all. My goals are as follows:

  1. 2x 6s LiPos in series to make a 12s.
  2. Antispark killswitch made with an XT90s plug on the positive line.
  3. Add a battery life display.
  4. Charge the batteries as if they are wired in parallel. (Is this possible??)
  5. Power VESC and GT2B Rx.

Any pointers at all would be a great help! Thanks guys!

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I think rather than trying to charge in parallel you would be better off using 2 chargers or a double charger and charging the 2 6S simultaneously.

I was hoping there would be some solution for this where I wouldn’t have to reinvest in another charger. I’m even willing to charge each battery separately, I’m just not sure how to wire things in such a way that I can disconnect them from eachother for charging while keeping the rest of the harness in tact.

Imax B6 is cheap.
I own 4 of them I think there were about $18 each
I leave one at work and a few at home

Yeah I use the Imax as well, I was just trying to avoid the extra cost. I don’t need a super fast charging solution. So after some more research, this is what I have come up with. Does this look like it is okay to use?

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you can certainly do it that way it will work.

But I read its gonna take the same time than if you charge 1 by 1 … Thx Gamma2 for your diagram ! I look for charge my 2 x 5s 8ah, it will be the same so (imax b6 too) ? Cause actually I charge one by one

if you charge 1 by 1 or parallel or series it will take around the same time. (assuming you are fast with the swap)

the only way you can charge faster is to use a bigger charger with more amps.

Get XT60 connectors for the batteries, XT90’s are HUGE.
XT90 only for loop key.

What’s the use of the bullet in the middle ?

I read that XT90 is more suited for anything over 4 or 5s. Honestly I don’t mind the size. The XT60’s on my 3s LiPos are too tiny to get a good grab on them for disconnecting. The bullet is just a way of connecting them in series in a way that’s easy to undo if I ever want to modify the wiring harness. The antispark loop and other connections will probably be bullets too.

I like the way that diagram is laid out! It looks like they’re using some kind of circuit breaker style for their on/off switch. I personally think just adding a loop key on the positive line is easier. If you wire the batteries in parallel or use a parallel balance board the B6 will charge them at the same rate as doing them one by one.

Do you have a original IMAX or a OEM clone?

i have 3 original and 1 clone.

any differences between them?

Hardly. The clone has silver terminals and the genuine has gold. The genuine came with better cables. Haven’t noticed any difference in charging.

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