Wiring diagram input | 18650 | BMS | Loop key

Hey, I am building my first electric longboard and have got all the parts. I am planing to build an 18650 pack with bms using Samsung 25r cells in sleds. I have inserted my wiring diagram below and just wanted to check if I have drawn the wiring of the bms, Loop key, charging port and voltage monitor correctly. I just want to be sure before putting it all together and would be very grateful for anyone’s input.



Don’t you want the voltage meter after the loop key? Else the meter would be permanently on.

Thanks @rwxr, Is this what you mean

and is there anything else I missed?

LAWG of wire and are you using XT90s everywhere? Your diagram looks good now that you moved the monitor. If you do not plan on pulling more than 60A then I would use XT60s everywhere except at the loop key since they only make XT90s anti spark.

You missed one balance wire coming of your ground.

I am using 12 AWG wire and XT60 connectors everywhere beside the loop key where I have an XT 90S anti spark connector.