Wiring help for imported Golfboard

Hi All Desperate for help with an imported golfboard I bought on ebay. Has performed well up to a recent incident. In short I believe the cable from the handlebar to battery must have snagged somewhere. I dismantled the speed and direction switches holder fixed to the handlebar to find several wires pulled from their spade fixings. Does anyone have any idea where I can get a wiring diagram to make a repair? I have a number of pics and a video I can share

This may sound dumb but couldn’t you contact Golfboard for this question? CONTACT — GolfBoard

Hi not dumb at all, I already did that. They determined mine is a Chinese board and they don’t deal with those anymore. They switched due to lack of support! However they gave me the new UK franchise contact, based in South Mimms UK, I made contact and they have sent me a solution, intend to try it today. I posted here before I got the new contact following a google search. Thanks for replying Kim

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