Wiring of Enclosure with switch + indicator

I’m looking at this enclosure: http://www.diyeboard.com/10s5p-battery-esc-2-in-1-enclosure-with-indicator-and-switch-p-504.html

And then separately purchasing a 10s3p or 4p battery that comes with an xt90 and power switch.

My question is, how do i hook this battery into this enclosure?

Obviously i plug into the switch in the enclosure, but where does that battery indicator go? Will that go into the VESC whenever I get it? And will the VESC be programmed to know what my battery capacity is thus report to the LCD indicator?

Thanks, the noob

no, no & no.

The voltmeter connects to the battery, after the switch. Nothing but the battery connects to the VESC.


Like so? 23%20AM

Also if the battery comes with a 42v - 2A charger. Can i just use a 42v - 5A charger to get a faster charge? or is that bad?

Yes, that is correct. Look for the ‘beautiful diagrams’ topic, there’s tons of wiring diagrams.

Charging depends on the BMS, wire guage and the battery cells.


Thank you for the direction. Consider this topic closed.


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