Wiring setup for dual motor

Hey guys do u mind telling me if my wiring diagram makes sense. I haven’t put the bms balance Wiring on the diagram yet ill put it later.

But does it make sense?

Why is the loop key on one + cable only. Should not it be placed on the + cable before the split of the XT90 on the battery side?

Yh I’m not sure thats why I’m asking.

Ive looked at some other people on here and they put the loop key after the battery xt90.

And I thought that the loop key was only meant to be on the + cable anyway

Should be placed before the split

Yes, before the split. Otherwise you are leaving one Vesc on continuously. Place your key between the charge port and voltage meter. Then you will be able to charge with the key out and Vescs off. Also I see that you will be discharging through your BMS. Are you sure that your BMS can handle the amperage?

Ok thanks for advice, is it correct now?

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Your drawing is kind of a mess after the XT-90 but assuming you’re just doing (+) -> (+) and (-) -> (-) then your diagram looks correct. Also make sure your BMS can handle the discharge current (otherwise you can bypass the BMS for discharge since the ESC has a low-voltage cutoff, you just won’t get the short protection on your battery). Otherwise everything looks good to me.

The location of your loop key looks good now. What about your BMS ? What BMS are going to use?

Im using this bms