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Witchblade - a new 9 ply shape option for Scarlet decks

I found out last weekend that my mold could handle 9 plies, so this happened. You can thank @cmatson for the shape idea. He wanted a no tail version and i thought it was about time as well.

34" total length with a 27" wheelbase and 10" width. 9 ply rock maple gives it almost no flex; I had to bounce very very hard to get any flex to happen, and even then it was barely noticeable, so it should do just fine with monolithic boxes. I’m calling it Witchblade.

It is part of the Scarlet family and will be about the same price as the current scarlet decks. Until i list it on my site, you can just paypal me $90 for one in the raw, and $110 for stained red and clear coat or just natural with clear coat. Another $10 gets you coke bottle grip.

all natural, no finish

stained red and clear coated OR natural and clear coated

add coke bottle grip to stained or natural + clear coat