With what glue can I glue everything together?

Hi, I have a problem: I want to glue all the components (like xt90 antispark and ESC) but hotglue gun and epoxy won’t stick to this screw sorting box…

Do you guys have any solution to this? Some other glue or maybe another idea to mount it to this box? Thank you

Hotglue with foam or double sided tape with foam lol didnt read at all… did you try double sided tape?

Hmm good idea, but I think that after some time it will loosen… I think

Try the window sealant, i use it and its great, it sticks really well to my fiberglass enclosure and basically anything…

Put some hotglue on it and just put the parts on it(vesc reciever bms)

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You could cut a few slits in the plastic. Feed through some Velcro straps for the batteries. When you have enough on either side screw through the plastic and the strap into the deck. If you use button head screws you could lay foam over them. Then use 3m dual lock or two sided tape for the smaller stuff.

Plastic epoxy. First sand where you going to glue. You don’t want to put glue/epoxy on a glossy surface.

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This is the best solution

Or cut slits in plastic.

Plastic is probably coated with gloss