WLTB a Zboard 2 Charger

I am searching for a Zboard 2 charger for sale. If you have one collecting dust, or a dead zboard 2, I would appreciate your charger. Im in CA, and will pay $100 bucks for one. Easy money…

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server power supply + programmable boost module

zb cg

2 questions

First, why do you want a new charger is your Zboard not charging?

Second, Have you tried looking up what type of charger it is? Because it is likely you’ll be able to find something that’ll work

Do you have a photo of the label on the broken one?

The board charged fine, until the plug into the board broke. One of the 3 pin din, male pins on the part that plugs into the board broke off. I ordered what I thought was a suitable replacement, and trashed the old one, like an idiot. The replacement had the wrong plug. Zboard company is belly up. I contacted the manufacturing company that made the charger in China, to see if they could sell one, but they only do orders of 500 or more. I have been searching for about three months…

Just splice an mr60 on the board and one on the charger.

So I want to see if I understand this correctly, the plug on the board (with the 3 metal pins) is broken, not the actual charger (the thing you took a picture of).

Could you take pictures of the port of the board and charger. It would be helpful for us

Do you have a photo of the two plugs?

I might have an extra charger here for that.

If you have a photo that shows the colored wires that’s even better

No, the plug on the actual board is female. The male plugs that broke were on the male end of the charger. I don’t have it any more.

The pic of the charger is from a guy who was cool enough to send a pic of his, to assist in my search. To the best of my memory, the part that plugged into the board looked like this…

If I still had the charger, that might be a solution, but I trashed the charger after buying what I thought was the correct replacement. Not smart.

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Does this look like the plug?


Yes, It looks like it,

From the looks of it I see a few options if you can’t find anyone selling that charger. I would first recommend you keep looking, you could see if anyone has any on the esk8.news forum. But if that doesn’t work you could try and use that plug b264 and build your own charger. You could also try and take the board apart and replace the port with something new like this and get a new charger with the same voltage like this (although this charger doesn’t have the same amperage so you may want to find a better substitue).

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Mboards is a bad company imo. I do not recommend, they have been super shitty to people and hawk the most crap shit and don’t care.

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Fair enough, I’ve never personaly bought from them so if your not going on the cheap its better to look somewhere else for parts.

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I could build them a custom charger no problem if I can glean the necessary details